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Uploading different types of files (text files: *.mol, *.pdb)
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Author: f.marbach


It would be great if we could upload other types of files such as ".mol" and
".pdb" for example, wich are text files describing molecular structures.

It should not be too complicated to enable uploading these files and show them
as text.

Thank you,

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Severity: enhancement



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*Is the format supported by MediaWiki? Please open a bug for each format, unless you're sure they have the same requirements.

Is this a dupe of bug 16491 (Which is asking for the ability to upload molecule files, and have them display in the wiki with 3d models. Having just upload the files and have them display as text/xml/whatever might be easier, but its of questionable use [at least for wikipedia/wikimedia. I'm assuming you want this on a Wikimedia wiki])

You can upload the file here

And add the template:
{{Commons Archive|My_raw_file.dng}}

in your image in commons, look this example:

Also, you can upload any file type like NEF, PSD.

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A recent comment on brought up the request to support the .pdb file format for rendering chemical files. Mentioning it here for consideration.

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