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Echo Mentions should trigger, if a signature only contains a usertalkpage link, and not a userpage link
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This edit didn't trigger a mention-notification because the sender's signature only contains a link to their usertalkpage.

Many users redirect their userpage directly to their usertalkpage, and some of those users also change their signature to only link to the usertalkpage. The Mention-Notifications system should recognize these signatures.

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Reopening this as it is more specific.

Schnark claimed this task.

@FriedhelmW: Please read my rationale for closing this as duplicate I gave in T76961#1000663. Signatures only containing a link to the talk page do work, so this task is not more specific, as it only says that a ping failed for some unknown reason.

 if ( !$winningUser ) {
    return false;

Shouldn't that be

  if ( $winningUser === false ) {
    return false;
$startCheckAt = max( 0, $timestampPos - 300 );
$context = substr( $potentialContext, -$startCheckAt );

is this correct?

@FriedhelmW That particular bit of code was just changed today, mostly just to add rational for how it works and why at

Your best bet to determine if it is correct is to work through the unit tests for that particular function. The test for that function is at . It is fed data from the dataProvider a few lines down, the signingDetectionData() method. For a given message the function needs to return two pieces of data, The number of characters in the content and the name of the user that signed it. It has become a bit odd over time trying to fit all the conditions set forth by real world cases that have made it into that unit test.

@FriedhelmW also @matthiasmullie just submitted today, which is making a much bigger overhaul. If you wanted to test and code review the patch it would be most appreciated.

matthiasmullie changed the task status from Invalid to Resolved.Mar 3 2015, 5:04 PM

Pretty sure patch has fixed this issue. Should that not be the case, please reopen!