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Allow setting different font size for PDF text
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Font size might be an interesting feature request -- small/medium/large? Please open a new specific bug for this if you are interested.

We have a request for a bigger character size to help people with vision deficits at

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As already announced in Tech News, OfflineContentGenerator (OCG) will not be used anymore after October 1st, 2017 on Wikimedia sites. OCG will be replaced by Electron. You can read more on

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The current PDF renderer provides two types of output it can render a regular PDF and a Mobile Version of PDF which is much easier to read on mobile devices.

For comparison - vs

This ticket refers to the Book generator which does not allow printing PDFs any more. We allow only rendering a single article, and on the Special:DownloadAsPDF page we have a "Download" button.
We could allow (add a second option) downloading the mobile version of PDF on a desktop. There wouldn't be a way to change the font size to specific value, just "regular font" and "big font".