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Setup staging-tin as deployment host
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For deployment fun and profit


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Let's look at the roles on tin:

include standard
include role::deployment::deployment_servers::production
include mediawiki
include role::scap::master
include mysql
include role::labsdb::manager
include ssh::hostkeys-collect
include role::releases::upload
include admin

Of this, quite a few aren't needed on staging. Obvious ones being admin, standard, labsdb::manager, releases::upload.

That leaves:

  1. role::deployment::deployment_servers::production
  2. ssh::hostkeys-collect
  3. mediawiki
  4. role::scap::master
  5. mysql

We'll investigate and see what all needs to happen :)

Alright, so 'mysql' is just a mysql client role, and that's fine.

mediawiki role requires scap, which is role::scap::master. However, scap itself requires the deployment_server, which we need to first unify labs / prod for before going there.

So next order of business is to unify role::deployment:deployment_servers. It is a silly name, we should maybe call it 'role::deployment::server' maybe?

So I now have a WIP where I am basically hacking away at things until this kind of works. I'll split that up into separate patches later on.

Change 195340 had a related patch set uploaded (by Greg Grossmeier):
deployment: Combine labs/prod deployment server roles

Deep, deep down in a rabbit hole...

So I got it to try to install scap via trebuchet, and that kept failing. According to it looks like first deploy has to be manual (EUGH?), so I did that and scap is now installed....

Now to get scap to *work*, so that the mediawiki role can be installed :)

Manual steps I've had to do so far:

  1. git deploy start / sync on scap
  2. Clone /srv/mediawiki-staging to be mediawiki-config
  3. Clone /srv/mediawiki-staging/php-master to be mediawiki itself
  4. Create /home/l10nupdate
  5. Create /srv/mediawiki-staging/private/PrivateSettings.php
greg added a subscriber: greg.Mar 10 2015, 3:20 PM

According to it looks like first deploy has to be manual (EUGH?), so I did that and scap is now installed....

That is dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty. No sir I don't like it.

@greg me neither. the plan is for me to get this patch in, then destroy staging-tin, and rebuild it. Repeat until 0 manual steps remain.

Alright, looks like I'll have to merge,n,z to get this done without introducing hacks. I'll do that tomorrow.

mmodell moved this task from Backlog to In Progress on the Staging board.Mar 12 2015, 4:57 PM

Change 196773 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
mediawiki: Ensure that /etc/php5/apache dir exists

Change 197355 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
scap: Clone mediawiki-config on all scap masters

Change 197355 merged by Yuvipanda:
scap: Clone mediawiki-config on all scap masters

P409 is the 'bootstrap' script for git-deploy, should be run manually once on the deployment server (tin)

Note that ^ is a total hack :D should be fixed in git-deploy itself... at some point... by someone...

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Change 204080 had a related patch set uploaded (by Thcipriani):
Add submodules to master checkoutMediaWiki

This all has to be puppetized/whatevered, but here are the steps, roughly, to a working mediawiki (sans database, guessing that will come from addWiki.php, still to be investigated). This does depend on a handful of patches that need to be merged.

  1. /srv/mediawiki-staging/multiversion/checkoutMediaWiki master php-master
  2. /srv/mediawiki-staging/multiversion/refreshWikiversionsCDB
  3. cp /srv/mediawiki-staging/private/PrivateSettings.php.example /srv/mediawiki-staging/private/PrivateSettings.php
  4. mwscript rebuildLocalisationCache.php --wiki=aawiki --outdir=/tmp/scap_l10n_$(date +%s)
  5. sudo -u l10nupdate cp -R /tmp/scap_l10n_1429139458/l10n_cache-*.cdb /srv/mediawiki-staging/php-master/cache/l10n/
  6. cd /srv/mediawiki-staging/wmf-config
  7. mwscript mergeMessageFileList.php --wiki=aawiki --list-file=wmf-config/extension-list --output=/tmp/ExtensionMessages-master.php
  8. sudo cp -R /tmp/ExtensionMessages-master.php /srv/mediawiki-staging/wmf-config
  9. sync-common

Change 204080 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add submodules to master checkoutMediaWiki

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Change 196773 abandoned by Yuvipanda:
mediawiki: Ensure that /etc/php5/apache dir exists

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