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Make QUnit tests run without installing MediaWiki
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This is slightly less complicated than T89432. Although it, too, requires a fair amount of refactoring to make our code more testable.

The goal is to be able to run QUnit when merely loading:

  • base modules (jQuery + mediawiki.js)
  • modules marked as dependencies by test suites.
  • registered test suites.

See also:
T89432: Make PHPUnit tests run without installing MediaWiki

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Interested in doing this at some point, but also happy to guide someone else.

I noticed the mobile team is using node-qunit which I guess is invoked by the npm testJenkins job. An example is PagePreviews T160406 and the migration of Popups (Gerrit patches).

I haven't looked at Popups or PagePreviews code. My guess is they no more rely on Special:JavaScriptTest and hence no more need a mediawiki install.