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Use consistent icons for same/similar functions between editors
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The updated mediawiki icons have been completed for some time. For consistency and ease of use buttons that refer to the same or nearly identical features should use the same icon assets.

This currently covers updating the VisualEditor icons to the most up-to-date versions as well as using the same assets in the wikitext editor, if these should be separate tasks we can break them up and create dependencies.

note: this was discussed verbally over a month ago, but verbal tasks are easily forgotten when prioritization comes around, so logging it here.

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This could potentially be a big deal for my video series. Is this planned to get done anytime in the next 12 months, or is this years away from being implemented?

@Pine The original idea of this task was to make the current wikitext editor (as of MediaWiki 1.27.0) and Visual Editor use the same icons for same functionality. This specifically is not part of any near-future development plans. But, as @Esanders updated the task already, there is current development on a modern wikitext editor, that aims to bring the user interface closer together with Visual Editor.

Thanks. I've asked about the timeline in that other task.

Volker_E assigned this task to Esanders.

@Deskana Agreed. :)