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Provide examples and documentation for adding flow-support to bot-owners
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Legobot will get updated this weekend, and then @Quiddity can happily point bot-owners at every wiki, to the wonderfully simple diffs of an example-upgrade (legobot), and the clear additional documentation ( Huzzah!

(Or, whatever is needed to make this as simple and fast as possible, for bot-owners to do. The more effort it takes, the less will bother.)

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We didn't agree to put this in the sprint (yet, at least).

I started using {{TNT|Api help| flow+new-topic}} on to transclude generated API submodule doc, instead of mindlessly retyping it into a wiki. Or just link to [[Special:ApiHelp/flow+new-topic]]. That way the wiki can focus on higher-level guidance. should probably merge with Extension:Flow/Api, mea culpa. It links to as a specific example of bot edits.

@Quiddity and others, and the coming Flow plugin, should mostly solve issues for the on-wiki scripts (gadgets and user scripts that need to post messages to talk pages) (not bots exactly, but I don't think we have a bug for the script case, so mentioning it here).