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Move and WikimediaBadges extensions to gerrit
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To start T74907 off slowly, we should move the and WikimediaBadges extensions to gerrit.

Neither extension is frequently updated and are rather stable, so this shouldn't interfere with anyone's workflow majorly. Steps:

  1. Import repositories to gerrit
  2. Move old github repo to and rename it to what gerrit replicates to github so that future changes get replicated and old issues and pull requests get retained. (Name like .)
  3. Convert Wikidata build procedure to use the gerrit repositories instead of github

At some time after this ticket is solved we hopefully can deploy these extensions through a normal train process instead of having our own Wikidata build.

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Is there a way to import the discussions on issues and pull requests from github to a safer place hosted by WMF? Either somewhere on gerrit or even better inside of phabricator.

One would need to look into a migration script, example for issues to phab:
But i'm not trying that for this task.

We said we might want to look if can instead be abandoned because its content might be moved elsewhere (WikimediaMessages or WikimediaBadges).

Thank you, didn't know about that. No this will retain the issues in github and only import the code.

Yeah I don't think we need to block on that for those repos.