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Flow should either notify me or give live-updates, about new posts made in the topic I'm currently typing a reply in
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As an editor, who is currently typing a reply to a topic, I'd like to know if someone else has saved a new post, whilst I'm typing.

This would prevent duplicate replies (as encountered here a few days ago where Matt saved a reply, whilst I was typing mine).

It would also prevent confusion, when multiple people post replies before me, but my original click on the "Reply" link came first - see T94913 for demonstration of this 'timing' problem.

Possible solutions:

  • Live update
  • A notification bubble, that appears when someone else replies within a topic that I'm typing in.
  • A notification bubble, that appears when I click "Save", if someone else has replied whilst I was typing.
  • (other?)

(Alternative Description from merged task)


On Flow boards with lot of traffic such as news users forums -- like The Teahouse on enwiki, with lot of helpers, lot of time multiple responses are write and post at the same time.
Since the page is load, users have now way to avoid post message after an other answer. He only see that an other answer was posted after he click on the publish button, when the page is reloaded to show his new post.
On this sample, we can see that two answers was post seconds away.


Simply load flow topic a first time. With an other tab, add an answer on the topic. The first tab don't show the new activity, and user know the new post only after post his own answer.

Idea for solve problem

When user click on "Publish" on flow topic, load currents topics answers before send the new answer to the server. If this is different to the showed version, alert user and ask him if he want to reload/send/....

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Moving from the other task:

When I opened
the question was still not answered by other users. I left that page open in a tab of my browser and a few minutes later I replied to the user. However, in the mean time, other user had already posted a reply. If I knew that, I would have posted something slightly different in my reply. In a situation like this, Flow should notify me that there are new comments in the page I'm replying to

LQT checks for updates once per minute and shows "This thread has new posts" whenever that is the case.

Here is a topic which became very confusing due to the fact that replies from other users were posted while a user was writing his response to a comment:

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Yeah, this could be very helpful, and we know that it's possible because LQT already did it. :) Putting this in the backlog.

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It append almost every day on help desk flow board -- like this today.

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Priority will be decided by the team.