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There were two instance of ''

One is for fetching the version, using a deprecated/fallback algorithm

pywikibot/                t[1] = t[1].replace('',

The other refers to

# Normalize unicode string to a NFC (composed) format to allow
# proper string comparisons. According to
# the MediaWiki code normalizes everything to NFC, not NFKC
# (which might result in information loss).
t = unicodedata.normalize('NFC', t)

This was introduced into core in c636fd0d , but it was originally added by @Yurik in compat in April 2006 30510907 & ed5e7395

The file it references (now at a more stable is now a shell

Using NFC became a large problem in 2010-2011, which is documented at T102461


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Change 218884 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Python issue #10254

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@jayvdb Since has been merged, can we close this task or there is further work to do? Best regards.

Still one more to remove

$ git grep
pywikibot/                t[1] = t[1].replace('',

Change 234807 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarcoAurelio):
Removing svn.wikimedia links in pywikibot

Patch is halted since it seems we can't SVN from Phabricator. Anyone knows a solution?

Change 201907 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
[FEAT] version: Use svn info command

@MarcoAurelio , sorry I didnt reply to you. I assume that the SVN server people have been using is github; it is the only one I know about, as it is documented at .

The function with this old URL is probably currently broken, and has probably been broken since when Pywikibot was moved from SVN to git, which I think was around middle of 2013. IMO it can be deleted, but @XZise has a patch which will fix it, and @Xqt may have other ideas about this as he is the champion of SVN support.

Change 234807 abandoned by MarcoAurelio:
Removing svn.wikimedia links in pywikibot

Looks that I3de96be6 might fix it and other people is also working, so leaving to them.

Change 201907 abandoned by XZise:
[FEAT] version: Use svn info command

We should remove that svn/git magic… if a user uses git or svn they should be able to tell their git hash/svn revision.