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[Migrated] Fix incorrect piped wikilinks
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pipe trick doesn't work in some places (such as within {{tag|ref|o}} and {{tag|gallery|o}} tags), which leaves code such as
[[ (disambiguator)|]] visible to the readers. I have a {{BOTREQ|BRFA|BattyBot 39}} to change these to
Subject using AWB's Find/Replace functionality so the intended wikilinks will be displayed properly (e.g. {{diff|Dennis_Ritchie|prev|646119185|this edit}}). However, if this could be added to AWB's general fixes, then these could be fixed by many more people while they're making other edits. Thanks! @GoingBatty 02:40, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

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@GoingBatty how many of these is your bot task picking up? I want to see if it's worth putting logic for this in AWB genfixes or not.

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I fixed over 400 in February and 34 in June.

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