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Security review for Wikidata Query Service code before deploying to production hardware
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Discovery has a Q1 goal to have Wikidata Query Service running on production hardware in a test mode. The code needs a security review before that can happen.

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@csteipp: Will you be able to coordinate this?

Yes, I'll be doing the review.

Who on S&D is primarily working on this piece?

Can I get a link to the existing design docs and code so I can do an initial scoping? After that, I'd like to meet with the people working on this to make sure we have a dataflow diagram and threat model filled in for both this and blazegraph.

Who on S&D is primarily working on this piece?

That would be me. The code is here:
The docs are here: and but there's a lot of info that is not relevant anymore there so if you need some specific info I'd be glad to provide more specific pointers.

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This was waiting on T90115, and given that that is now resolved, so is this. :-)