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Setup alerting for l10nupdate
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Automated deploys should have a means to alert humans if something is wrong. l10nupdate currently does not other than a "failed" message in the SAL entry. This has been a problem in the past where l10nupdate was not completing successfully for more than a week yet no one noticed nor reported the issue. It wasn't until @greg noticed via his Twitter feed (where he subscribes to @wikimediatech) at the time of the failure.

An Icinga (or otherwise) alert based on the exit status of the l10nupdate run is needed.

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What does this task mean? Can someone please expand the task description or close this task?

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Thanks for the task description update.

We could, uhh, e-mail wikitech-l on failure? :-) Personally, it kind of feels like logging to the server admin log is (should be?) sufficient. If nobody notices a breakage for a week or longer, it seems the issue is perhaps self-prioritizing.