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CLs to announce VE's availability to a subset of Phase 6 wikis
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Per Amir's evaluation: .
The 14 languages involved are Amharic, Buginese, Min Dong, Cree, Man, Hakka, Armenian, Georgian, Pontic, Serbo-Croatian, Tigrinya, Mingrelian, Zhuang, Min Nan, whose alphabets used to present challenges for integrating the software.

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We'll need to

  1. discuss this with James
  2. get the complete list
  3. create target list for mass messaging.

We also made a placeholder thread to collect feedback from these wikis (will be linked from the first message we're sending them).

The first round of "please test VE" messages was sent today (example).

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VE will arrive there next week. We'll post a followup message and check that all is in order. FTR I believe Cherokee is missing from this group as it was categorised differently elsewhere.

This is now done. Also, I apologized to the Armenian Wikipedia for a mistake I made which meant they didn't get proper announcements about the rollout.