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Automatic script conversion in Sanskrit language
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Author: sivakalyan.princeton

It would be useful to have a feature similar to that found in the Serbian
Wikipedia, which allows one to view pages in a transliteration of the native
script. If necessary, I will provide a table for transliteration from the
Sanskrit script.

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So what variants would you like to implement for this language?

sivakalyan.princeton wrote:

Essentially, I'd like people to be able to view pages in a Romanization of Sanskrit. (Currently, all pages are in Devanagari.) If possible, it would also be nice to have pages transliterated into other Indic scripts (most of which can be used, and have been used, to represent the Sanskrit language).

Let me know if you need more information.

1)Please give first preferance to choice of navigation at the time of Log in to other indic Wikipedia language script users namely of Languages Marathi,Nepali,Bhojpuri,Konakani,Tamil,Malyalam,Kannad,Telugu,Gujarathi,Oriya,Asamese,Bengali,Punjabi,kashmiri,Hindi(Presently Hindi substitute is in use as default where original sanskrit localisation is not done but I am in process of this localisation on betawiki)
2)On automatic transiliteration of Sanskrit wiki articles to other scripts like roman or others is not harm persay take and use your time for reasearch and be ready but it is too early to implement on sa wikis because:
*Sanskrit wiki communities are yet to be developed to check and maintain gramatically correct veriants on wiki's so your transiliteration software may be very good but results will be still poor because of present condition of content.
**Most of sanskrit language experts are not computer and internaet savvy so having good quality content on sanskrit language wikipedia is quite a long journey.

Thanks and regards


sbharti wrote:

It is an interesting suggestion. Sanskrit, in it's original form, is a spoken-only language. However, it is written in various scripts across India including devanagari, bengali, kannada among others, even though it is spoken uniformly in same manner. Seeing the sanskrit universality in India, we should indeed view sanskrit in all indian scripts, default devanagari.

sivakalyan.princeton wrote:

We should look into TransLipi, used on (a site using MediaWiki!), which does almost exactly what I have suggested.

Could you please provide links to TransLipi API references or such?

(In reply to Andre Klapper from comment #7)

Could you please provide links to TransLipi API references or such?

This seems to be part of it:

But it is not clear it is even under a free license.

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I don't think that there's stuffs to do on*...

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