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[Story] inviting sentence for empty statement section
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When an item has no statements we want to encourage people to add at least one statement so we know more about the item and can make use of it. In order to achieve this we will add a sentence to the empty statement section. It should be inviting and give useful hints to possible sources of information.

  • Make use of information from what links here by mentioning what other items link to the current item. This gives some context to the item.
  • Make use of the initial suggestions for missing properties. This should usually be instance of/subclass of which is the most important to start.

The sentence could be something like "We currently don't know much about this item. It is linked from X, Y and Z. A useful next addition would be a "instance of or "subclass of" statement."

This should be tackled after T92759: [Story] allow editing of more languages in the in other languages box than the ones defined via babel boxes is done.

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I have created a mockup for this in order to get a better picture of what should be developed.

You can find the mockup here: