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Specify a proper JSON Schema for WikiProjects
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Create a JSON schema that describes WikiProjects for use in T123028.

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Happy to be of assistance. The schema is described somewhat within wikiproject.json itself though I understand it's probably not a proper schema. If we are building a GUI I assume we will need more parameters for things like icons?

Not so much as icons, as much as exact type (number? list of strings? List of more elaborate dictionaries / items?) information that's more useful.

Here is the JSON Schema for wikiproject.json. Note that it does not provide useful information to design a user interface around. P2425

Consistent with the discussion at the Developer Summit,, I am going to work with @yuvipanda to develop a new schema that addresses *all* of the needs.

Things to include:

  • Modules and content type of modules (initially: either straight wikitext or the name of another page)
  • Scope of WikiProject (either category or some kind of formal definition)
  • Design aspects
  • Some kind of configuration that a bot can read (perhaps as part of the module manifest). Bot reads this configuration and does its function on this WikiProject. (Would this be saved in a DB table?)
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Did a proof of concept: P2463 + P2464. Handing off to Yuvi to refine and finalize.

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Here's what I'm using right now:

    'id': $id,
    'name': display name,
    'stuff': some filler junk

Tell me if it's totally wrong. Obviously it's missing most of it, but never mind that.

Nevermind, that fits the... paste things.

Created a schema here: P2626

Note that the strawman JSON blob in P2463 will not necessarily validate against this, as I made some changes. For one, the announcements and members features will have fixed, unchangeable values, and there will be (for now) only one design built into the extension, so I removed functionality that would make this schema more extensible in a template-based design system.

We can make adjustments to this schema as needed but for now the task is complete.