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Please update the statistics on regularly like it was done before. I see no update to the stats ever since it was moved to Gerrit. may be of some help. This page has the up-to-date statistics though it probably is currently not in sync with the actual code.

Ideally, a script should be written for this purpose so that it can be done in a fast and reliable manner. Possible suggestions:

  • Someone can run a script locally and commit to Gerrit and deploy periodically
  • A task similar to l10n-update that will commit to Gerrit and deploy it. (Or maybe it shouldn't do everything by itself and should be only allowed after review by a person?)

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@debt You should take a look at this and factor it in to your planning.

Thanks, we'll add it in! :)

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We're going to work on this ticket and update the links. Just to be transparent our next project is an A/B test to use language settings to sort and order the links - . If it goes well the article-sorted counts may be deprecated (following the testing and discussion of the results)

We'll add the update to this ticket: and we hope to release it into production on Monday Feb 8, 2016

Change 268846 had a related patch set uploaded (by JGirault):
Update stats

Change 268846 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update stats

This update is visible here: and will be released into production later on today. Closing this ticket.

I initially requested the stats to be updated regularly but this task seems to be have been changed to a one-time update task and then closed after that. Considering that the script was written months ago, I expect it to be run regularly as well as this is a huge regression from the Gerrit switchover.

Hence opening this again until there is a confirmation that it will be updated regularly at least until the work being done at T121567 is implemented.

Hi @JGirault - let's go ahead and update the stats again during the week of Feb 22, 2016, thanks!

This should become a regular maintenance task. I'd suggest a regular occurrence on someone's calendar, if it is ensured that the task gets reassigned after that person leaves. Ideally this would be done automatically...

We are hoping to be able to switch away from pageview-based ordering, which is why it hasn't been.

The stats in the other portals have not been updated since the move either. They must be updated as well.

I didn't think we'd moved them? I might be wrong (I'm probably wrong)

Well, that is not what Chris Koerner said in the portal improvements page in meta and they seem to be in gerrit. Is there any way to find out for sure?

Hey, I said I was probably wrong! :D. I'll wait until the Engineers wake up; presumably they know.

Change 274304 had a related patch set uploaded (by JGirault):
Update stats

Change 274304 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update stats

Hi! Will this also fix the other portals? Or are they still pointing to Meta?

I updated stats today.
As well as other portals: T128522

We are hoping to be able to switch away from pageview-based ordering, which is why it hasn't been.

See meta:Top Ten Wikipedias. Summary: "In 2008, it was decided that the Top Ten Wikipedias are defined by usage rather than article count." (Broad RfC, 221 supporters for this result.) Is there consensus for overturning this established consensus?

Hi @Yair_rand - we haven't changed the earlier decision, on how the top 10 wiki's are defined. However, we might have a different visual treatment for them in the future.

This ticket is now closed - the stats have been updated.