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mw1.27#wmf13 update breaks GlobalReplace: "result: WrongToken"
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The login to GlobalReplace is with any password no longer possible:

ERROR: {"warnings":{"main":{"*":"Unrecognized parameter: 'rawcontinue'"}},"login":{"result":"WrongToken"}}

since the mw1.27#wmf13 software update

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This might be due to the new SessionManager introduced with wmf.13 this week ( T123451 ).

Another possibility is the way you authenticate is no more possible and needs to be altered. But honestly I have no idea how the auth token words

Can you give us the login used and some date/time at which errors got reported? That will help investigate in the logs.

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The page you linked ( suggests reporting bugs at, it would be good to forward this report there maybe.

Worked fine when I tried it just now, with version 0.6.3.

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Kopiersperre confirmed on IRC that GlobalReplace 0.6.3 works for them too, so I'm going to close this since it seems to have been a bug in the tool rather than anything in MediaWiki.