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[Epic] Additional multiwiki support for users and courses
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In the last step, article, assignment, and revision were given an association to a particular wiki. User and course currently have an indirect association with wikis, through their linked assignments, but if they are involved with multiple wikis, we make a "home wiki" assumption, and wildly guess what that might be. Better would would be to design and implement a more intentional solution for users and courses.

It's possible that a single home wiki is a helpful assumption in some cases, but bad in highly multilingual contexts. In that case, we might want multiple or no "home wikis", or a UX that is decoupled from specific wikis.

Current, User.home_wiki is used for:

  • Greeting
  • Base site for User page, User_talk page, Special:Contributions and sandox links.

Course.home_wiki is used for:

  • Notifications
  • An arbitrary ( wiki is used for OAuth
  • Legacy wiki mirroring

Event Timeline

Possibly helpful feature: Default to grouping articles by language then project in the course view.

At minimum, you should be able to manually select wikis where you know there is activity. For example, I know that at my trainings we edit both English Wikipedia and Spanish Wikipedia. Selecting the databases by hand is probably more performant than doing a scan of all of the databases, even if there is an off chance we miss edits on the Portuguese Wiktionary or whatever.

I have a professor that wants to run a course with 14 different languages (Erasmus)... is there a way to handle this easily? Must students write down what their language code is?