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Delete and move warning should be displayed for associated talk pages
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When moving a page over another page (available only for sysops) the talk page is not moved if the talk page of the second page exists and an error message appears saying that the talk page was not moved. This should not happen, instead the delete and move warning should be displayed another time (first time for the page itself, second time for the talk page) for the talk page making it possible to move the page and its talk page together.

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Severity: enhancement

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  • Bug 18260 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Nowadays, when you move a normal page, you have the setting "Move associated talk page" autoticked (also see bug 17775).

I wonder if that influences this bug and if the overwriting of the Talk page is still silently dropped in the described case. Can anyone reproduce?

Err, 'bump'? Not really sure how Phabricator works, but this is still a bug and the problem is still the same as was described in 07 (if I'm reading things correctly).

As someone who moves a lot of pages in my administrative capacity at this would make my life a lot easier. Is a fix feasible?

See also my post at VPT on (

@Jenks24: Do you have a specific question? :)
Currently nobody is working on this task (no assignee is set) and I'm not aware of anybody planning to work on this either.
Contributed patches are very welcome and the best way to get this task closer to resolution.

@Aklapper Thanks for the response. You've basically answered my first question, which was going to be "is anything going to happen with this bug, because I'd absolutely love it if someone could fix it?" Judging by your response I guess the answer is "not in the near future, at least". My next question would be "is there some way I can convince a developer to work on this bug?" I am happy to offer a bribe :)

Unfortunately I have next to nil technical know how and have never coded anything in my life, so fixing it myself is out.

Apologies if this isn't really what Phabricator is meant to be used for, it's just that I wasn't really sure how or where else to contact dev(s) to ask theses questions.

matmarex subscribed.

This looks easy enough… I wonder if there's some catch.

(I did run into catches, snags and hassles, but it can be done.)

Change 256014 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
SpecialMovepage: Display warnings when talk or subpage of move target exists

@matmarex Sorry to be a pain, but any chance of a status/progress update for this? I tried reading the gerrit but was a bit confused to say the least. Really appreciate the work you've done on this so far.

Sorry, I haven't been working on this recently :(

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unassigning to further clarify the status of this ticket.

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Change 256014 abandoned by Bartosz Dziewoński:

[mediawiki/core@master] SpecialMovepage: Display warnings when talk or subpage of move target exists