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Wikimedia Hackathon 2016 report
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@Katherine-WMF and @Mdennis-WMF are requesting a Wikimedia-Hackathon-2016 report with a focus on what was accomplished. Ideally, this report would be ready by Sunday 3 or Monday 4 at most.

This report could consist on a brief summary with the main data linking to a blog post with more details, pictures, etc. This summary could be sent to wikitech-l, the internal wmfall, and other lists optionally.

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I wrote some notes focusing on the quick summary for the WMF executive team:

I will continue providing more details (especially featuring specific hackathon projects) and then I will start writing actual prose to evolve the report into a blog post.

Thanks, Quim. Victor Grigas will be contributing a video to this post as well.

@Chen_WMIL and I are working on metrics - will update

@Chen_WMIL and I are working on metrics - will update

Any news? I'm trying to leave the draft blog post ready for Comms tomorrow Monday.

FYI, Kiwix developers also just summarized their Jerusalem achievements (but no idea if highlighting specific projects under "Content and results" is wanted though)

Alright, I think I am done with my part. @EdErhart-WMF do you want to take over?

@Chen_WMIL @Rfarrand do you have the number for this sentence? If not, it can be removed.

For NN% of participants, this was their first Wikimedia Hackathon, and % considered themselves newcomers to Wikimedia tech.

I have gone through the +1000 pictures uploaded to Commons and have selected some candidates. I really need a break from the Hackathon now. :)

There were 36 people (42.5%) who indicated that this was their 'first Hackathon'.

We still have a lot of photos taken by our photographer at the gala and throughout the day! I still have to go through them and upload. Do you want me to find some specificity pictures? He took some really good pictures.

Thank Chen for the data point

The blog post will have only 2-4 pictures I guess, and I already narrowed the +1000 pics to a selection of 15. If you have 2-4 pictures better than these, please share them in Commons.


I'm publishing the details here so that it will be available to all in the meantime:

• 118 participants from 18 countries.
• 28 scholarship recipients, (of whom 6 were paid for by WMDE and WMNL), 35 WMF staff / Contractor.
• 36 newcomers
• 24 locals (not including WMIL staff)
• 24 women (29%)
• 40 affiliated with various Wikimedia Chapters.

Thank you @Chen_WMIL ! I have added more data to the blog post.

I have also narrowed down the selection of pictures and I have provided footers for them. @EdErhart-WMF now I'm definitely done with this draft. Thank you for your patience and help!

I'm in the process of editing videos for the post and awaiting Arabic translations, which will delay slightly.

Qgil closed this task as Resolved.EditedApr 29 2016, 11:41 AM


Thank you @VictorGrigas , @EdErhart-WMF , @Chen_WMIL and all the other people who contributed edits and ideas.