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"Manage" label in Newsletter detail page is confusing
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the "manage" button doesn't do what I would expect it to do at all

I agree that this is a problem. Since the linked page is about managing contributors, I think the simple and best option is to change the label to "Collaborators".

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Change 280837 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tinaj1234):
Fixing label of "Manage" button to avoid confusion

Change 280837 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix label of "Manage" button to avoid confusion

Just need to pull the change to test wiki! Will do in few minutes :)

I think the actual issue which MZMcBride pointed out is that it linked to Special:ManageNewsletters which showed all the newsletters. We killed that page since then and it now links to a specific manage page for each newsletter.

If we are changing the "Manage" term to "Collaborators", I think we should use that consistently, not just in a few places.

Do you mean that it should be "Publishers" instead? That would work better, yes.

I don't have any strong opinion about the term we use. Publishers/Managers/Collaborators all of these fine by me. I just want us to use it consistently :) (at least on user facing UI; we have been using "manage" in the code/messages/docs so far).

Closing this down, and adding it to the task T131489. This would mean that we keep Special:Newsletter/<id> readonly, and have a Special:Newsletter/<id>/manage, which would allow:

  1. Editing of Newsletter-name
  2. Editing of Newsletter Main page
  3. Editing of Newsletter description, and
  4. Editing of Publishers

We had most of this implemented before too though!