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Implement all the features required for running the Newsletter extension in Wikimedia
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The purpose of this task is to agree on the features the Newsletter extension must have in order to be deployed in Wikimedia, and to track them down as blocking tasks. Here we talk about features in general; bug reports and implementation details don't need to be blocking this task directly.

@Tinaj1234, @01tonythomas and @Qgil are having their last GSoC weekly meeting today, and they will document here the ideas they had in mind during the GSoC phase. From this point, we will open the discussion to the rest of contributors and stakeholders interested. We should make another call for feedback to newsletter maintainers, perhaps adding wikitech-l, tech-ambassadors and Tech News this time. It would be good to have a list of missing features agreed by mid September.

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All the blocking tasks are closed, should this be still open ?

Yes, there's still some features I'd like to be implemented before deployment. We still need to clean up the code and also verify that nothing breaks.

I looked at the test installation ( again very briefly yesterday. I continue to find the user interface very awkward to use.

  • Newsletter name field should probably do more input validation (a single space is allowed?)
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We are done here, aren't we!?!?

We are done here, aren't we!?!?

Yes! (yay!!)