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Featured Article widget shows incorrect article.
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For some reason the screen widget of the Android Wikipedia app doesn't work well with Polish Wikipedia's main page. Instead of showing the single Featured Article (it's on the right), it shows the first of the "Did you know?" ("Czy wiesz że" in Polish) featured at the main page. The text on the screen still says "Dzisiejszy artykuł na medal" ("Today's Featured Article").

Is there a way to fix that without having to reorder Polish Wikipedia's main page?

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Anyone here? Anything I can do to fix this myself?

Hi! Sorry for not having received a reply yet!
Some information on hacking the Android app is available (though not sure that applies here); you could also maybe ask on the mailing list for some more information?

Aklapper, I guess it would be easier to fix it on our end (as in: tag proper sections on WP's main page or something along those lines). However, I would need some info on how exactly does the android app identify the sections of the main page.

@Halibutt: Have you contacted the Mobile Apps team for more info, as recommended in my previous comment? What was their reply?

Hi @Halibutt, thanks for reporting. Despite showing the featured article the homescreen widget simply links to the wiki main page, where whatever content is on top will be shown.

This component doesn't get a lot of attention and it's probably worth someone rethinking how it should actually work. I'll tag our designer @RHo so it's on her radar.

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On Czech Wikipedia this is also an issue. Sometimes there is an image for article of the week and in its description there could be some link (see the merged duplicate task).

The article of the week is parsed correctly on mobile main page. This widget should first get the correct article of the week from mobile main page section and then use first bold link in this section (not first link at all).

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