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Can't copy/paste external links in VE in Firefox
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1.External links in the format [] cannot be pasted.

  1. Formulas cannot be pasted.

The screenshot below shows that the text formatted as below

[[Mavetuna]] and text copied along with the link . Added text to be able to copy the link:  [[Permian]].

<math>\ S[x(\tau)+\delta x(\tau)]-S[x(\tau)] =0</math>

Adding external link []
[ GOOGLE] external link

non-existing link [[AAASDSA]]

link to phabricator []

internal [[Mavetuna22|just Maetuna]]

will be copied in VE mode to Reply as the following: the formula and external links are missing (GOOGLE external link is successfully copied).

NOTE: Copying/pasting all of the samples above in VE mode is fine - when it's done when the text with links is open in VE mode.

1 On a post with the above sample, click Edit (VE edit mode) and copy the samples while VE is open.

  1. Open Reply in VE mode and paste - all is pasted fine.
  2. But users of Flow boards often do not have user rights or knowledge to open the post from which they want to copy for Editing.

The screenshot below shows that when the post with links is open for Edit, then copy/past all links do not present any problems:


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Working for me in Chrome (pasted version at the top):

In Firefox, however, the collapsed external links are missing. Everything else is fine.

The problem here is that the numbered external links are empty but for content generated using CSS and "Content specified in a stylesheet does not become part of the DOM.". Firefox does't like empty tags in the clipboard - we'll have to fill in some dummy numbers.

Change 296233 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Ensure text version of counter is written to external links when copying

Change 296233 merged by jenkins-bot:
Ensure text version of counter is written to external links when copying

The general copying of the <math> tags when in MathML mode is T136672: Can't copy and paste MathML equations which is declared fixed, so marking this as fixed as well.

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