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Special:Log is missing actions of type "globalauth" from the "Maintenance script" user
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Description has performed operations under global accounts, such as global account deletions. However if one goes to the globalauth for that account, you'll find no entries there. I've noticed this while reviewing an oversighted account, so excuse me if I don't post a link to the user in question.

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Change 304620 had a related patch set uploaded (by Glaisher):
LogPager: Use Title::getDBkey for non-existent users' username in query condition

This comment was removed by MarcoAurelio.

Why was the comment removed? Is it not valid? Perhaps you are correct because I closed this based on an assumption, not after confirming. :)

We will discover once your patch is deployed I supose. However it's just
the globalauth log at meta which is unreachable for Maintence script; the
others work fine IIRC.

This problem is happen because the Maintenance script exists as user but all the log entries in the logging table have log_user = 0, so the query does not find anything for the user id.

The log entries are there:

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The log_user = 0 maybe no longer true, see T181731

Anomie added a comment.Jan 1 2018, 5:04 PM

The "Maintenance script" user is an exception to the cleanup in T181731, since the username is reserved it returns false from User::isUsableName() and that cleanup script didn't touch it. But when T167246 happens it'll assign all the edits to the existing account.

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