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Design system for signifying ORES Good-Faith and Damaging scores
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It's our goal to be able to communicate ORES Good-Faith and Damaging predictions to users in a way that is simple to understand and corresponds with users' goals and mental models. This will be both a conceptual system, incorporated into various feeds, and a visual system used on a new special page and the Recent Changes page. Both systems will be designed in close collaboration with Design Research (see T143451).

Here is a breakdown of some aspects of the task:

  • Devise a conceptual scheme that breaks raw ORES good-faith and damaging scores into a certain number of discrete, useful steps. This conceptual system will be incorporated in the augmented feeds (for Vandalism and New User Support) that are part of the ERI project.
  • Design a visual system that communicates the scores on the Recent Changes page.
  • Design a visual system that communicates the scores on a new Special Page. This system should share a consistent language with the one on Recent Changes, though it need not be identical.

It should be understood that users will want to use these scores in combination with one another to, for example, identify edits that are Good Faith and Damaging.

As we consider the appropriate number of discrete levels and the correct points at which to set thresholds for each, there will be a need to find the correct balance between (to use the machine-language terms) precision and recall. Which is to say, which is of paramount concern to users: Finding all relevant items? Or not being distracted by excessive false positives?

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