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What should we do for ProofreadPage content models
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What should we do for ProofreadPage content models?

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Handling wiki content beyond plaintext

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Unconference session


=== The problem ===
ProofreadPage, a MediaWiki extension that is intensively used on Wikisource, manages two specific content models:
* Page: pages that powers the proofreading interface that are an extension of regular Wikitext pages and composed of 3 connected wikitext blobs. e.g.
* Index: pages that stores metadata about a book and its proofreading (author, table of contents, mapping between scan file pages and book pages...). e.g.

These two models are currently stored as wikitext matching a specific format (for Page: pages the first and third wikitext blobs are serialized inside of <noinclude> and for Index: pages, the content is inside of a template serialization), mostly because of historical reasons.

What could be done in order to improve storage of these contents?

=== Expected outcome ===
Have a plan of migration of these content models to something more healthy (Wikibase for a part of Index: pages content?).

=== Current status of the discussion ===
* ContentHandler interface have already been implemented for Page: pages content
* modifications have been done to Parsoid in order to allow proper handling of this kind of contents (but Page: pages are not yet cleanly supported by Parsoid):

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