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Merge Kartographer with commons-on-osm
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Commons for years was using commons-on-osm tool which rendered its own OSM map and showed locations of all nearby images. Can we add nearby images layer to Kartographer, the way commons-on-osm was doing for years.

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@Jarekt this would be great, but we cannot support non-production services - they are too unstable and could potentially have privacy and security problems. Plus showing them by default would violate our privacy policy.
On the other hand, the "nearby" feature is highly needed by many projects, and we should implement its support. @MaxSem, can our current nearby functionality (Elastic?) handle this?

@MaxSem how would we formulate "nearby-ness filter" - in commons, we want to show nearby images. In enwiki, nearby en-wiki articles. Should this be a <mapframe nearby="files" ... or <mapframe nearby=true> ..., and some magical per-wiki setting that determines how querying should be done?

We had the functionality of "nearby" images implemented to work for OSM, GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth. All 3 show the same images using commons logo with arrow indicating the heading. GoogleMaps one no longer works due to Google discontinuing the functionality the tool was relying on. All three were relying AFAIK on the same service that was keeping a database of filenames, associated coordinates and camera headings up to date. Last I heard it was run by User:Dispenser. As I understand it MaxSem's {{#coordinates:primary...}} tag serves similar purpose. @MaxSem Module:Coordinates (line ~630) adds those tags if there are any things that that code can do better using your extension let me know.

I think it would be nice to implement this as layers that can be turned on and off with some settings as what is the initial state. For example on commons we could call the map with turned on nearby images and turned off nearby wikipedia and wikivoyage articles. However if desired those layers can be turned on.

By the way I just noticed yet another tool to show location of Commons images on OSM maps: osm4wiki running on It seems very similar to commons-on-osm . A nice feature of this tool is that it only shows the content of one category at a time.

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@Jarekt I wonder if the T304076: Nearby feature for maps that's currently implemented into Maps (Kartographer) does the job described here? It offers showing nearby articles on a Kartographer map including a preview image related to each article.