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Linked fact checker
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Build a service that checks facts in Wikipedia articles and compares those between different language versions/Wikidata/other online (open) sources.

Could also use graph connectivity to predict factliness.

It could serve suggestions for corrections of information, wrong dates and other simple facts.

Things that might helps us get this AI built:

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This looks interesting I'm going to see if I cannot find a way to do this. (I will assign myself if I find out how.)

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One possible approach is detecting references which are controversial (by detecting removal or edit war patterns, maybe appearance in fact check databases, manual blacklists) and then flagging sentences which are supported by such references.


Ciampaglia, G. L., Shiralkar, P., Rocha, L. M., Bollen, J., Menczer, F., & Flammini, A. (2015). Computational fact checking from knowledge networks. PloS one, 10(6), e0128193.

Ping @GLCiampaglia

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Thanks @Halfak, very interesting initiative, happy to brainstorm!

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