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Inline messaging triggers for password validation
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Password validation.png (667×375 px, 27 KB)

Verification / validation of password matching should be triggered when:

The password field contains text and...

  • the user has entered a string into the confirm password field of the same length as the string they entered into password field
  • the user moves from the confirm password field to another field after entering text into the confirm password field
  • the user has entered text into the confirm password field and has paused typing for 2 seconds
  • the user presses the 'Next' button (submits form)

Event Timeline

In this ticket I implemented inline error for password mismatch, but for now it just appears when the user taps the "Create your account" button.

I'm sort of on the fence as to whether adding the "2 second pause validation" is worth the effort...

@cmadeo oh let's maybe chat about this during our auth alert meeting next wk

@cmadeo and I talked and are closing this for now.

Not needed for this initial release, could be moved to backlog in the future if we want to invest time in this / investigate further.
^ @cmadeo wrote this