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Blow-by-blow genfixes in the edit summary
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See T161460 for a quicker/easily implementable "short term" improvement.

Currently the default edit summary is

<foobar> using [[WP:AWB|AWB]]

When genfixes are enabled, it would be much better if the edit summary instead gave a more detailed description of what it did in the edit summary. Ideally, it would be best to have each fix documented, similar to But even with the current ( it should be possible to create broad-category anchors in the page and have something like

<foobar> and [[WP:GFX|general fixes]] ([[WP:GFX#<Category1>|Category1]], [[WP:GFX#Category2|Category2]], ...) using [[WP:AWB|AWB]]

with Category1, Category2, etc., being the relevant anchor names, e.g. ([[WP:GFX#SetDefaultSort|SetDefaultSort]], [[WP:GFX#SetDefaultSort|SetDefaultSort]], ...)

For shorter summaries, an ID number could be assigned instead, e.g.

<foobar> and [[WP:GENFIXES]] ([[WP:GFX#1|#1ae]], [[WP:GFX#5|#5acd]] , [[WP:GFX#8|#8cde]]) using [[WP:AWB|AWB]]

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Headbomb triaged this task as Medium priority.Mar 26 2017, 8:42 PM
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My edit summaries are already long enough to fill the width of the screen in the page history, so I'd need an option to turn this off.

@John_of_Reading edits summary get truncated automatically. However, I added a possible way to do things that would be much more concise.

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