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Localise AWB genfixes for Latvian Wikipedia
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Can I ask for some AWB genfixes localization for Latvian Wikipedia?

I have many things in my list, let's see, how things will go. If I'm asking for something, that is already done, then sorry :)

  • Localize namespaces (Category -> Kategorija; File/Image -> Attēls)
  • replace visible   with the non visible non-breaking spaces. And of course - if you add nbsp, then make them not visible
  • Dashes... could you disable everything, that is in the Mdashes section (by default)?
  • DuplicateUnnamedReferences. If it's possible - please condense everything, that can be condensed (that is, ignore the article must already have at least one named reference part)
  • Don't touch stub templates (in Latvian: "aizmetnis"). If they are at the bottom of article - it's OK; it's also OK, if they are somewhere else.
  • Article bottom - will try to explain. In lvwiki there is long standing tradition to put two blank lines before succesion boxes/navboxes/stub templates and all other template stuff. See for example this article. With AWB one line before {{režisors-aizmetnis}} would be deleted, which isn't quite OK. And if there is only one blank line - add one, so in result there are two blank lines.
  • Does not alter optional spacing at start and end of heading -> could we ask this for lvwiki? That is, convert ==Foo== to == Foo ==
  • RefsAfterPunctuation. Would be nice to enable this (maybe for some testing phase?).

Translating edit summaries also would be nice, if somebody could give me a list of them. AFAIK, it is possible.

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The first bullet is done in all wikipedias already.

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