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Implement Form widget
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Implement Form widget as shown in

  • Must support view as well as edit mode.
    Should be able to instantiate on top of existing HTML pre-rendered via the backend, as well as create it's own HTML using a template.
    Super-trivial with nothing but an input field for a single representation.
    No input for gramatical role or anything.
    No input for ID.
    Note: We did investigation if existing JQuery UI modules can be reused for the new widgets. We had a look at ValueView as well as terms widgets. Conclusion: Create a new subclasses of EditableTemplatedWidget. Use labelview as a blueprint, but do not copy everything. Reuse elements that make sense. Start with a straight <input> field.
    Note: We may use OOJS elements later. Do not do this for this story, but keep it in mind.

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    Change 348756 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jakob):
    [mediawiki/extensions/WikibaseLexeme@master] [WIP] Add LexemeViewFactory to enable adding forms.

    Change 348756 merged by jenkins-bot:
    [mediawiki/extensions/WikibaseLexeme@master] Enable editing of forms in the form list view.

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