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function mw.toolbar.insertTags does not work with CodeMirror in Chrome and IE
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Interface for the classic edit toolbar (mw.toolbar) does not correctly identify the focused element when CodeMirror is enabled in Chrome and IE (in FF it works correctly).
As a result the function mw.toolbar insertTags does not work correctly.

The function can insert tags, but cannot encapsulate selection.

Problem description:

$currentFocused is wrong in Chrome and IE when CodeMirror enabled

insertTags: function ( tagOpen, tagClose, sampleText ) {
     if ( $currentFocused && $currentFocused.length ) {
         'encapsulateSelection', {
           pre: tagOpen,
           peri: sampleText,
           post: tagClose

Code that set the $currentFocused variable:

$( document ).on( 'focus', 'textarea, input:text', function () {
      $currentFocused = $( this );
 } );

This works different in IE, Chrome and FF when CodeMirror is enabled.

And corresponded code in CodeMirror:

function cmTextSelection( command, options ) {
    if ( !codeMirror || codeMirror.getTextArea() !== this[ 0 ] ) {
      return this, command, options );

Only in FF when CodeMirror enabled and function mw.toolbar.insertTags called this[ 0 ] === codeMirror.getTextArea()

This bug was found when the CodeMirror and Charinsert extensions was used together.

Seems, it can be fixed in CodeMirror by:

function cmTextSelection( command, options ) {
    if ( !codeMirror /*|| codeMirror.getTextArea() !== this[ 0 ]*/ ) {
      return this, command, options );

but I sure it should be fixed in MW core.

From the merged-in task:

Different results in Firefox 55 and Chromium 60 (linux)
To reproduce:

Note: Removing any text from that example will result in it starting to work properly. It is currently 1001 bytes (possibly relevant?).


Related Gerrit Patches:
mediawiki/extensions/CodeMirror : masterFix for function mw.toolbar.insertTags in chrome and IE

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Bumping this. Also reported by @Fluffernutter on IRC.

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Seems likely. I'll merge it in since this one has more info.

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Change 375754 had a related patch set uploaded (by Pastakhov; owner: Pastakhov):
[mediawiki/extensions/CodeMirror@master] Fix for function mw.toolbar.insertTags in chrome and IE

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Change 375754 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/CodeMirror@master] Fix for function mw.toolbar.insertTags in chrome and IE

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I reopened this task as this is not resolved on DeWiki, as there is still the deprecated mw.toolbar.insertTags used (on MediaWiki:Onlyifediting.js).

Perhelion closed this task as Resolved.Aug 15 2019, 10:05 AM

Adding the .CodeMirror class to the $currentFocused variable fixes this:

.on( 'focus', 'textarea, input:text, .CodeMirror', function () { ...

As used in commons:MediaWiki:Edittools.js (since over 1 year)
Anyway mw.toolbar.insertTags doesn't exists anymore, so I closed this again.