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Extend to wmde/github-webhook to deploy fundraising-frontend-content
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The code in should be expanded as follows:

  • have some configuration which repository names and which branches in those repositories should trigger a deployment. The configuration should map the repository name to a database file name
  • Use the configuration in app/routes.php instead of the hardcoded repository and branch names. Suggestion: Create a class that is constructed with the configuration and has a method that accepts the webhook payload and returns a boolean, replacing/encapsulating the code in
  • Change the files in the cli folder: each combination of repo and branch must use the right database file for the repo (again, using the configuration) and trigger a specific Ansible playbook and inventory combination. This can be achieved with individual cli scripts, like the current solution, or with one script that takes two parameters, or a combination (one cli for each repo).

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@JeroenDeDauw Should we consider you assigned to this ticket?

I added some high level description of what the code is currently doing to the README

Pablo-WMDE closed this task as Declined.EditedJun 2 2017, 10:31 AM

After an off-the-record prototype and discussion inside the team we decided to terminate the DIY webhook project and go the jenkins (T167096) way.