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Evaluate if appropriate to keep (X) button for exiting templates
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Users do not react well to the (X) button for exiting certain templates, like infoboxes and the conversion. Feel that this is not 'saving', and this feeling is at odds with the 'changes saved' language near the top of the translation page. Many suggest a check mark or similar for replacing the (X). Another suggestion is to be consistent with general translating behavior, that is, not to create a 'template-editing special window' that needs deliberate exiting (and as a result, no need for an X or check button), because no other elements on the page requires that action.

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It seems that one of the underlying issues was the lack of clarity on whether users were manipulating the contents directly or they were operating a temporary copy that requires saving. Surfacing that changes are not lost (T150953) could help. I'd prefer users to feel that everything is saved by default, rather than providing them an option to explicitly do so, since saving is a technical step users should not worry about. I think our efforts should be aimed at communicating that they are manipulating the contents directly.

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