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create slide deck with Wikidata showcases
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The dev team and others often need to present a variety of cool things built on top of Wikidata. Let's create one master slide deck that anyone can pick from for their specific presentation.

Lydia would like this to:

  • have one slide with a screenshot of the tool/website/app and one slide with some explanation about it (What is it? What does it do with Wikidata? Why is it awesome?)
  • have a consistent, clean and reusable design
  • be done with Google Slides because that is what we need to copy from most often
  • be a living document in the future that evolves with Wikidata

Showcases to be added (please expand with links if possible)




See also:

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I can do the game.

I would suggest WikiShootMe as well, maps with things on them always go over well ;-)

Jep! :D Will add it.
Everyone: Feel free to just edit the description.

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@Planemad What would be a good showcase from the OSM/Mapbox side?

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I see the individual pages are put up. I we suppose to do anything?

Hey, take a look at

@Lydia_Pintscher Maybe we could suggest to include some of the slides that were produced for you just recently (the Wikimania 2017 thing)?

Alright folks :) The start is made \o/

Next steps and how you can help: I'd like for each tool to have one accompanying slide that explains it a bit more: What is the tool? Why is it cool? How does it use Wikidata? I've made a first start for Histropedia in the slidedeck. If you have ideas how to make that better please let me know. If you are all ok with it then we'll copy that for every tool and you can help fill the texts for each of them.
If you want to help fill the texts or want a different screenshot for your tool then Jens, Léa or me can give you edit access. Just ping one of us.

I think we should clearly distinguish in the slide deck between tools that use Wikidata's data and tools that are more internal. Jens: Can you add a divider slide for that?

Goran: Yeah once it is published we should add it in the internal section.

@Lydia_Pintscher I added two slides: "Applications that use Wikidata" and "Tools for editing Wikidata" to separate things that use Wikidata's data and internal tools.

I have now added dummy slides for each of the tools/slides. If you could help with fleshing out these slides that'd be wonderful.

I started working on the slides and filling out the dummy slides, but there is still a lot to do. Anyone wants to help?

I wanna help! Handy for me too. Please give me access to the doc, oh merciful gods of the Google Drive.

I'd also like access to the doc. It'd be helpful for me in learning more about everything.

I'd also like access to the doc. It'd be helpful for me in learning more about everything.

I gave you access 🙃

I have updated sharing settings to the document (anyone with the link can comment). Please change if this is deemed too tricky 🙂