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Cleanup /srv/deployment
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Would be nice as part of deprecating trebuchet to clean up /srv/deployment/ on tin.




Per Antoine T109926#2096483



/srv/deployment/gdash/gdashdoneReplaced by grafana
/srv/deployment/grafana/grafanadoneNot deployed via trebuchet
/srv/deployment/kibana/kibanadoneHas a .deb
/srv/deployment/tessera/tesseradonePer puppet.git bc54db766412e0f339f54c73b03877f268101af0
/srv/deployment/abacist/abacistdonePer puppet.git 24faab2d672249cc6bc32fa3a3b0a8c0defa6050
/srv/deployment/analytics/krakendoneReplaced by analytics/refinery
/srv/deployment/dropwizard/metricsdonePer T170839#3545140

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I think all these can be removed

Some of these per @hashar @mobrovac @fgiunchedi

Adding @EBernhardson because I half-remember mentioning this cleanup at the last hackathon and having him say something I wanted to remember.

# Outdated

# Integration per Antoine T109926#2096483

# Replaced by grafana

# Not deployed via trebuchet

# Has a .deb

# POC as an alternative to Grafana. Drop per puppet.git bc54db766412e0f339f54c73b03877f268101af0

# Drop per puppet.git 24faab2d672249cc6bc32fa3a3b0a8c0defa6050

# Deprecated -- possibly keep?

Deprecated -- possibly keep?


I have removed it from CI via T169303. The project has been replaced by analytics/refinery.

@ssastry @Arlolra can you confirm /srv/deployment/parsoid/Parsoid on tin is obsolete and can be removed?

@ssastry @Arlolra can you confirm /srv/deployment/parsoid/Parsoid on tin is obsolete and can be removed?


hashar updated the task description. (Show Details)
demon updated the task description. (Show Details)

Actually, most of these had wikidev group ownership so dropped them myself.

  • grafana/* needs a root, got some files in .git/ owned by them

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-08-31T08:45:46Z] <godog> remove /srv/deployment/grafana on naos and tin, unused - T170881

I have cleared out all of/srv/deployment/integration/

@fgiunchedi kindly deleted /srv/deployment/grafana

From the original list that task has, everything got cleaned up. Might want to revisit /srv/deployment and see whether anything still need to be deleted. /srv/deployment/STALE comes to mind.

Dropped most of STALE, just needs a root to hit the remaining few files. Then we can resolve this.

root removal of /srv/deployment/STALE/ done =]

demon claimed this task.

Yay thx. I thinkkkkkkkk that's it. Resolving :)