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On wikis without changeprop enabled, lint errors don't update after page edits
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Noticed that on wikitech, lint errors hadn't refreshed after edits to pages to fix lint errors. @bd808 pointed out that changeprop is probably not enabled here. The temporary workaround was to open the edited page inside VE (which forces the page to be reparsed in Parsoid which then refreshes the lint errors), but this is not a realistic solution.

Which other wikis are impacted by this? We need to figure out a solution that works for these wikis.

Event Timeline

So EventBus/Change-Prop is not enabled on those wikis because RESTBase is not enabled, and as CP right now is mostly used to update restbase, there was no need to enable EventBus or CP. However, as EventBus is going to replace the JobQueue eventually, we need to enable it on all wikis (or close to all wikis). Technically, even if we don't need or want RESTBase on a wiki, we can craft special rules for change-prop that will directly hit Parsoid.

There could be some hiccups on the road:

  1. ChangeProp currently doesn't support private wikis, which means it can't provide credentials to Parsoid T137140
  2. Wikitech is on the separate cluster and I don't know how much main cluster can communicate with it
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Once RESTBase has be replaced, this issue should be resolved.
Need to verify this is resolved after that takes place.

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This was probably done in for T320534 (though the task doesn't have wikitech ticked off). shows some wikitech specific configuration is no longer needed.

In any case, I tested that wikitext edits cleared the lint errors,