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API's list=recentchanges should have rcrelated parameter (provide Special:RelatedChanges/Special:RecentChangesLinked functionality via API)
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... to implement something akin to [[Special:RelatedChanges]].

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement



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Probably best to support titles= as well as rctitles= so [[Special:Recentchangeslinked]] can be emulated with a generator.

bug 14869 would technically take care of this too....

Closing as "resolved/later"

Will be fixed by bug 14869, and makes the API bug list a bit clearer (as these are essentially duplicates)

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

RecentChanges is not a QueryPage based special page, right?

(In reply to comment #4)

RecentChanges is not a QueryPage based special page, right?

That's right and neither is RelatedChanges/RecentChangesLinked. Reopening.

Marking this bug as "easy" as I don't think it'd be very difficult to implement.

silas.ropac wrote:

I would like to see this. As a new user the very first thing I wanted to do with the API was get related changes for a page. Maybe there is a workaround today? But would be nice to do it directly with one call.

shreeshikha21 wrote:

I am new to FOSS and mediawiki how do I start on this bug and how do I replicate the error on my local machine.

Marking this bug as "easy" as I don't think it'd be very difficult to implement.

@MZMcBride: Could you provide some implementation pointers for a new contributor who'd like to give this task a try?
I guess mw:API:Query + mw:API:RecentChanges + core/includes/specials/SpecialRecentchangeslinked.php are relevant, but is there any info on adding additional parameters to the codebase?
(Looks like there are no tests for RecentChanges under core/tests/phpunit/includes/api/?)

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Proposed for 2017 Developer Wishlist.

Note that T57377 and T121468 are very similar tasks, if not quite duplicates.

The original idea here, to add rctitles, is fairly straightforward and could probably be done without a whole lot of trouble.

The second idea, to have it use titles instead (and be able to take input from a generator), is less straightforward but still should be doable. In that case, you'd need to either make ApiRecentChanges into a prop module rather than a list module (breaking existing clients) or add a "prop" version of recentchanges with a different name to be used for this functionality, much like the situation between list=backlinks|embeddedin|imageusage and prop=linkshere|transcludedin|fileusage.

In either case, it'll take some examination of the resulting database queries to make sure that they're at least not worse-performing than the queries for list=watchlist.

@MER-C Wondering if this task is too simple, we reserve it for new contributors and not for the developer wishlist? any thoughts?

If that were so, someone would have picked this task off in the preceding nine years. Either way, "recommended for volunteer developers" and "in the developer wishlist" are not mutually exclusive, they are complementary; just like in the Community Wishlist survey.

Even in case of doubt, I would include it in the survey.

This proposal is selected for the Developer-Wishlist voting round and will be added to a MediaWiki page very soon. To the subscribers, or proposer of this task: please help modify the task description: add a brief summary (10-12 lines) of the problem that this proposal raises, topics discussed in the comments, and a proposed solution (if there is any yet). Remember to add a header with a title "Description," to your content. Please do so before February 5th, 12:00 pm UTC.