Many Wikipedia's Wikidata module iterate over all entity claims if a Statement is searched for by property label
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Yesterday I tried to enable Statement usage tracking on cawiki (which means we're exactly tracking which Statement has been used, and not just that "all entity data" is used). When doing this I discovered that many many usages on cawiki are needlessly added due to a performance bug in their Mòdul:Wikidata (

The problematic code

		-- otherwise, iterate over all properties, fetch their labels and compare this to the given property name
		for k, v in pairs( do
			if mw.wikibase.label(k) == property then return v end

can easily be replaced with

		property = mw.wikibase.resolvePropertyId(property)
		if not property then return end


The problematic code is also on several other wikis: P6114

hoo created this task.Oct 12 2017, 9:03 PM
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  • Easy/workaround - When code access pairs of pseudo table ( as here and also entity.labels and entity.descriptions once T172914 is getting merged ) we should probably workaround it upstream either from UsageAggregator (T178079) or from Lua (whenever access pairs for, count it as C.* instead of many rows).
    • wbc_entity_usage will not get overloaded with too many rows. This is just workaround to avoid unintentional usage, as it still make the EU not efficient (from rc side)
  • Medium - Le Tour de Wikí 2017 go over all wikis and fix them (there is no central fix - T121470 T41610)

Change 383990 had a related patch set uploaded (by Eranroz; owner: Eranroz):
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Access to property by name