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False decimal point in srcset when locale is not English
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Since update to PHP 7.2 there is a problem with with decimal point in the values of a srcset for images.

expected: srcset="URL1 1.5x, URL2 2x" [.]
but you get: srcset="URL1 1,5x, URL2 2x" [,]

The image display fails. For now I disabled the Responsiv Images. But I don't know where else this problem occurs.

Locale is set to:
$wgShellLocale = "de_DE.utf8";

mediawiki 1.29 and now 1.30rc

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That looks like something is applying european style number formatting (. swapped for ,)

Reedy added a comment.Dec 4 2017, 1:19 PM
	static function srcSet( array $urls ) {
		$candidates = [];
		foreach ( $urls as $density => $url ) {
			// Cast density to float to strip 'x', then back to string to serve
			// as array index.
			$density = (string)(float)$density;
			$candidates[$density] = $url;

		// Remove duplicates that are the same as a smaller value
		ksort( $candidates, SORT_NUMERIC );
		$candidates = array_unique( $candidates );

		// Append density info to the url
		foreach ( $candidates as $density => $url ) {
			$candidates[$density] = $url . ' ' . $density . 'x';

		return implode( ", ", $candidates );

Does casting to a float if local is de cause this problem?

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We could either use number_format, but then we end up with 1.0x instead of 1x, or I guess we can do character replacement...
Neither is particularly ideal really...

I wonder if it would be safe to simply set setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C") somewhere on the code. Who knows where else it may be happening.

I just opened an other but related issue T184458 with floats being truncated to their integer part in SQL when locale is not English. Setting setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C") would solve both issues, but it will probably have side-effects elsewhere.

This is probably a common issue in PHP world, perhaps other projects have fixed it in a nice manner.

PS: this is not related to PHP 7.2, it can be reproduced with older PHP versions.

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From a comment in

Setting setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C"); alone doesn't solve the problem (or not always?, I dunno). The user had to comment out/unset $wgShellLocale for this to work. Maybe MediaWiki does another setlocale with $wgShellLocale during setup, overriding any previous setlocale in LocalSettings.php.

Our wiki (Marjorie-Wiki) is using (nearly) the same templates as
It is a German wiki, so we were using
$wgShellLocale = "de_DE.utf8";
$wgLanguageCode = "de";
We were using Mediawiki 1.28.3 (with PHP 7.0). $wgResponsiveImages was "true" (and working). The Template:Coordinate was working like expected (i.e. like at

After updating from 1.28.3 to 1.30.0 our thumbnails were broken.
Furthermore Template:Coordinate expanded to

<span class="geo microformat"><span class="body"></span><span class="latitude">48,46471</span><span class="longitude">8,6613</span><span class="elevation"></span></span><span id="coordinates" class="coordinates plainlinks-print"><span title="Koordinatensystem WGS84">…

(note the commas instead of colons)

First quick solution was $wgResponsiveImages=false, which brought the thumbnails back.

setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C");
together with
$wgShellLocale = "de_DE.utf8";
did not make responsive images or Coordinates working again.

However setting
$wgShellLocale = "C.UTF-8";
as described in
together with
and without the
setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C");
made responsive images and Template:Coordinate work again.
(right now responsive images are intentionally deactivated for testing purposes)