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Allow images in galleries to have their own borders
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Author: denelson83

I would like to see images that have white edges be able to accept borders in a gallery context, simply by adding the string "|border" to the line in a gallery definition that refers to such an image, for example:

Image:ICS_Sierra.svg|border|S: I am operating astern propulsion.** With one or more numerals, speed in knots.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC
Whiteboard: aklapper-moreinfo


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Hi denelson83! Sorry that nobody has taken a look at this report yet and given feedback.

What would be the usecase for this request?

denelson83: What would be the usecase for this request?

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Change 312746 had a related patch set uploaded (by Umherirrender):
Allow <gallery> to use thumb borders

Change 312746 abandoned by Umherirrender:
Allow <gallery> to use thumb borders

No longer support for this patch set - feel free to upload under own name and work on, if needed

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Change 312746 restored by Umherirrender:
Allow <gallery> to use thumb borders

It is part of the german community whitelist, maybe there are reviewer from WMDE

Hey @Umherirrender ,
first off all, thanks for your effort and the patch. Sadly the solution you propose is a bit controversial as you might have noticed through the comments by @thiemowmde on the patch. We also discussed the topic briefly in our team and did not come up with a simple answer. That's why we would like to open the discussion in this ticket to get more feedback on your solution and alternatives.

The original problem described in the wish from the German speaking technical wishlist[1]:

Some images need visible borders to make them better distinguishable from the background. This is a common problem with flags and symbols with many white areas.

On thumbnail images you have the option to add a |border parameter for quite some time now, but this is missing for the gallery.

You can find an example for the problem here . The flag in the second image in the gallery has a white area at the button that is hard to distinguish from the background of the gallery frame. In the thumbnail view for the same image on the right side of the text the small border helps in that case.


@matthiasmullie poking you hoping you are the right one to poke here :-), feel free to poke / add others

Change 312746 abandoned by Umherirrender:
Allow <gallery> to use thumb borders

Needs more work on how to do, see task for more comments

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