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Make wb_terms table fancy
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This table is 816 GB in production with 1.4 B rows. This has to change.

  • Investigate ways to optimize the table (T188279)
  • Replace term_search_key and term_weight with empty values (T188993)
  • Clean up the code base for term_entity_id (T188995)
  • Drop indexes (T194273 T194270)
  • Drop term_entity_id column
  • Normalize term_type column
  • Normalize term_text column

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Normalize term_text column

Should we normalize the text on its own or the tuple of text and language code? I feel like treating the text and language code as a single unit would make more sense, but I’m not sure if it makes a big difference.

It actually makes a big difference as there are lots of cases when someone adds label for all languages at the same time, for humans. Here's an interesting example.

Ah, good point, I didn’t think about labels :)

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See T208425 for the removal of this table