Global mass message delivered on meta but not on other wikis?
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I sent not one, but two global mass messages out; neither has delivered. The interface doesn't give me any indication that there was an error and there are zero messages in the global queue.

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Actually, it seems that the messages were delivered on Meta, but not globally (e.g. not to Commons:Signpost)

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Not sure what's happening, but this is UBN for MassMessage...still looking through logs.

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Yeah, Tech News isn't being delivered either.

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Based on the timing of this being reported, I suspect the recent changes in T190327: FY17/18 Q4 Program 8 Services Goal: Complete the JobQueue transition to EventBus maybe? Specifically and

I guess things are no longer logged to the runJobs.log file, trying to figure out where they went instead.

I'm fairly sure that's the issue. Sending a message from metawiki -> testwikidatawiki worked, and both of those are on the same job queue system. So this is T193471 probably. Unfortunately I have no idea where the jobs have gone. mwscript showJobs.php doesn't seem to work.

I sent an email to @mobrovac and @Pchelolo:


Users started reporting problems with the cross-wiki functionality of MassMessage on Thursday morning[1]. After digging around in logs and noticing nothing, I found [2], which appears to be the issue. I can successfully send from metawiki -> testwikidatawiki[3], which are both on the new job queue AIUI. 

Can this be reverted back or alternatively move all wikis over to the new system? Same with GlobalUserPage's jobs probably, though that one is less noticeable when it doesn't work.

And, in the future where should I be looking for logs? runJobs.log was empty for these jobs after the switchover.

-- Kunal


Same for the Wikidata Weekly Summary. I didn't get any error message, nothing on the logs as well, still the messages didn't get delivered.

Change 435979 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mobrovac; owner: Mobrovac):
[mediawiki/services/change-propagation/jobqueue-deploy@master] Switch MassMessageJob for all wikis

Change 435979 abandoned by Mobrovac:
Switch MassMessageJob for all wikis

Covered by Ib46fc7678dd9f565cd508fb527b8ee72cc42b0c1

So this is T193471 probably.

Indeed, this is the case. We switched MassMessageSubmitJob for all wikis, but not MassMessageJob :/. We will be switching it today. You will probably need to re-send the messages though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-05-29T10:06:26Z] <mobrovac@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/jobqueue.php: Switch all jobs to EventBus file 1/2 - T190327 T195500 (duration: 01m 39s)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-05-29T10:09:33Z] <mobrovac@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Switch all jobs to EventBus file 2/2 - T190327 T195500 (duration: 01m 47s)

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Both jobs are now on the EventBus JobQueue, so this should be fixed now. Please reopen if that's not the case.