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Copyvio: test that "copyvio" flag links correctly to CopyPatrol
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A lot of work was done in T201070 to show copyvio information in the New Pages Feed and to link to CopyPatrol. I am making this separate task for testing the link to CopyPatrol so that not so much testing is contained all in T201070.

The acceptance criteria are:

  • For a page that has the Potential issues: Copyvio" indicator in the New Pages Feed, that word "Copyvio" should link to CopyPatrol.
  • Clicking it should open up, in a new tab, a permanent linked page that contains ALL scanned revisions for that page -- not just the first or last revision.
  • That CopyPatrol page should have all the expected functionality of CopyPatrol, such as numeric scores from Turnitin, scrollable comparison boxes, and a link to the iThenticate report.

Assigning this directly to @Etonkovidova.

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MMiller_WMF closed this task as Resolved.Oct 23 2018, 12:41 AM

We have done this pretty thoroughly and I created a specific task for the one issue I saw: T207345