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TEC3:O6:O:6.1:Q3: Deployment Pipeline Documentation
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I'd like to start working T212801: TEC3:O3:O3.1:Q3 Goal - Move cxserver, citoid, changeprop, eventgate (new service) and ORES (partially) through the production CD Pipeline. To do so, I need to start learning how our new k8s based deployment pipeline works. I've been poking around in wikitech and, but haven't yet found docs yet. I know this is project is still WIP, so this makes sense. Perhaps I could help write some documentation as I figure out T212801? Even so, I'd be nice to have some starters.

Could someone write up at least an outline of steps needed to deploy a new k8s based service to production?


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Yeah it's part of the TEC3 goal to do so (it's Outcome 6/Output 6.1 under I 'll be starting this this week. Some preliminary stuff already exists under and Both are a bit more down the road, but the very first step would be to get a .blubber.yaml file under .pipeline in the repo of eventgate and then enabling the pipeline for it. For more information about blubber see I 'll try and gather docs on streamlining this this week.

Awesome, those are good starts, I'll check those out thank you!

FYI I added some more notes for the EventGate deployment based on some IRC convos today:

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