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Specialist support for Content Translation to start a conversation about English Wikipedia limitations on the tool
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Currently Content translation is exposed in a limited way on English Wikipedia. The main restrictions are:

  • The use of abuse filters to prevent users to publish based on their edit count.
  • The lack of machine translation when translating to English (T86700).

We want to explore with the English Wikipedia community possible paths forward to find better solutions that while preventing problematic contributions are less limiting to valid contributors.

In order to do so, we'll be sharing with the community the improvements on the new version of Content Translation, the data on the impact of the content created with the tool, and the effects of the current limitations that restrict the use of the tool on English Wikipedia.

Help needed form Community Specialists

  • Communication plan review. Provide feedback about what, where and when to communicate.
  • Organize the conversation and process feedback. Given the size of the community and the different topics of the discussion, we may need help to get a general understanding on the general perspective of the community and preferred next steps.

Time frame
We were aiming to start this process during April-June 2019.